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JD Star Energy Efficiency

Whether you are in a newer house, or a century home, upgrading to better-insulated windows and doors will make a significant impact on your energy consumption. There are numerous benefits to making this purchase, including:

  • Better indoor temperature regulation
  • Lower energy bills
  • Encouraging a more eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Increasing the value of your home

Efficiency Means Greater Comfort

Making your windows and doors more efficient means that it will be easier to regulate your indoor temperature without it being impacted with what’s going on outside. This means less drafts and warmer indoor temperatures during the winter, and a reduction in the sun’s rays heating up your home when you’d like it to stay cool in the summer.

Money Savings

Updating to energy efficient windows and entries can save you upwards of 20% of your utility bill annually. For an average homeowner, this could result in hundreds of dollars of savings per year.

Increase your Resale Value

Your resale value will typically increase by the same amount that you have invested in your new doors or windows. You will also find that your home is much easier to sell as buyers are now looking for efficiency more and more.

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Be a Green Homeowner

Limiting your energy demands help to decrease your ecological footprint. If all homeowners made the move towards efficiency, our collective energy requirements would be significantly lower, resulting in less of a strain on our environment.